Wooooow,spejsat. :oooo
 Numerologi är läskigt !
Alltså jag tror att allt stämmer in !
Kolla dej själv här.

Här är det resultatet jag fick:

This reading is based on —
Birth Name: Sandra Kjellberg
Birth Date: 8/20/1995 (August 20, 1995)

Your Inner or Soul's Urge: This is spiritual and emotional expression more than physical. It is your heart-felt desires, your incentive, how you look at life. Here are your areas of personal satisfaction.       Number: 3

You respond to life from the heart. You want joy and happiness for yourself and for those around you. Inspiration and imagination are yours in abundance. You are somewhat of a dreamer.

Children and pets occupy a special place within.

You enjoy beauty, popularity, and constant activity. What you have is all you ask for.

Life is a game. You enjoy life as it comes, laughing at discouragement or failure, and never letting depression get the upper hand. Even so, there is a reticent side to your nature. You might be living in a world of feeling and emotion. You fall in Love easily.

You can see beauty everywhere. And you express your own beauty through your varied artistic talents -- painting, sculpting, speaking, decorating, acting, music, writing -- anything with color, form, or rhythm.

Seems you have a lot of friends; often entertaining, broadcasting your energy and your Love, giving everyone a good time. You are probably not unfaithful, but you enjoy flirting. You are kind and obliging. Your friends mean a great deal to you.

Patience and ability to concentrate could be enhanced for your personal benefit.

Your Personality: This is physical expression more than spiritual or emotional; your outer self, the way you express when meeting others. It may or may not be the real you.       Number: 1

You present yourself as a special individual, imbued with self-reliance, originality, and strong will power. You often appear witty and dignified, and enjoy being around other go-getters. With a definite goal, you can be enormously productive.

You are prone to self-centeredness and want to be first in all things.

Yours is a likeable personality and can be very persuasive. To enhance this aspect of yourself, wear clothing with straight lines, well-fitted but loose, with bright and cheerful colors. If possible, do not be overweight.

Your Quiescent Self: Stripping away all outside influences, aspirations, ambitions, "shoulds", and "shouldn'ts" -- this is you when you are alone; just you and your dreams..       Number: 1

You are courageous and daring. You enjoy dreaming of accomplishments never before achieved, with yourself as leader or promoter.

Your thoughts and pleasure are related to leadership and expression of your unique self. Also, family and friends are a credit to you, and people recognize your abilities.

Your Destiny or Ultimate Goal: This is your desired lifetime accomplishment. It is a key to a useful and happy life, and to feeling fulfillment during your latter days.       Number: 4

You are a builder, a manager and organizer to build solid foundations and structures that last for your and others' security. This applies to all work you undertake.

Rather than just dreaming, you strive for tangible results. Your success depends much upon your personal determination, sincerity, perseverance, patience, and honesty.

You are systematic, methodical, trustworthy, dependable, and effective; a craftsman, a builder, and an organizer slowly and surely building for the future. You are solid yet durable, precise, and dignified. When you have a definite goal, you are persistent until it is reached.

You know the value of a job well done.

Your Life's Path: Here are clues to what fate has in store for you. It indicates the type of encounters, events, and opportunities you are likely to experience along your physical life path.       Number: 7

Your path is along the lines of research, investigation and mental analysis. This includes meditation and introspection. Your opportunities will often be brought to you without having to go get them. The manifestation of those opportunities tend to have something in common with quiet places away from bustle and confusion.

You work well with theories and fundamentals, seeking wisdom and hidden truths. When you use your own ideas and judgment, dedication, and scientific attitude, along with your intuition, your decisions will enable you to reach your goals.

You can be alone without feeling lonely. You respect intelligence and are continuously accumulating knowledge for yourself. You have an intense reasoning capacity.

Others will perceive you as having more warmth and less aloofness when you balance your knowledge and its pursuit with compassion and human sensitivity. That combination inspires wisdom.

This Year's Path: Here is what you are likely to encounter this year -- your feelings, your predominant perspective, and the type of situations, circumstances, and opportunities you tend to attract during the calendar year.       Number: 5

This is a year of change for you, a year to get out of the rut. Your opportunities are found outside ordinary routine. New opportunities and new conditions are manifesting (some may appear unexpectedly) -- new relationships, new ideas, new contacts, new enterprises, new plans -- more freedom, more variety, more travel -- broader fields of interest and activity.

It is a year of new experiences -- change, growth, fun, freedom. You feel an inner push to go do something, anything, so long as it's a new experience. You notice more opportunities to travel. It is time to take advantage of the prevailing atmosphere of change and variety to learn something new. The year adds new life and color to your undertakings.

The changes can be thrilling and inspiring. Now is the time to take advantage of the enhanced sense of freedom you feel and create new outlets for your genius. It is also a time to let older people and children inspire you.

If you have a business, you may wish to advertise more than usual, possibly presenting your business with a new, even unique, angle.

Next Year's Path.       Number: 6

This is a year of service for you, a duty year. You feel you're assuming new responsibilities. People make more demands of you this year. You are needed in many directions.

Warmth and good will toward others, along with love and harmony, will make everything worthwhile. Justice, fair play, and honesty are important. It is a year for unselfish service.

Take care of your health because without it you cannot help others. Find time for rest and relaxation. This is a year to be thorough and conscientious about everything that you do.

It is a year of fine and friendly influence for marriage, tranquil home conditions, and traditional family activities. You may feel a strong desire to get settled.

Last Year's Path.       Number: 4

This is a practical year; no long leisurely periods for dreaming, personal indulgence, or careless living. It is a time to build the firm and secure foundation upon which your future depends, using practical values and steady application. It is also the time to work out the details of that project you've been thinking about. Read the fine print of all transactions.

This is the year to find where you stand in life, and to be practical about it -- to pay attention to details.

This year demands a lot of work, not only to improve the present but also to build practical foundations for the future. Your diligence brings commensurate rewards. With good sense, you can meet all requirements and experience satisfactory gain.

Your gatherings, meetings, parties, and trips are mostly related to work or business.

As part of the practical focus of this year, attend to health matters

Part 2 - Familjen.

Jag har ju mamma,pappa och Filip/Fille/Fjollip.
Och för ca 4 år sen skildes mamma och pappa,så pappa
 är numera tillsammans med Johanna,
som har 3 söner/godingar : Jossi-Elias,Fjord och Dexer.
Jossi-Elias,Fjord och Dexer a.k.a "barna" ser jag som bröder.
Och här är dom:

Part 1 - Sandra vem ?

Såå,mitt fullständiga namn är Carin Cecilia Sandra Kjellberg.
Jag bor i både Transtand och Likenäs,eftersom mamma och pappa är skilda.
Jag har en "hel"-bror och 3 halv-bröder.
Jag är utpluppad den 20 augusti 1995 och mitt stjärntecken är lejonet.

Om jag skulle beskriva mej själv lite snabbt skulle det bli något som såhär:

♥ Kreativ. Jag har alltid älskat att skapa. Kommer alltid att göra.
♥ Viljestark och envis. Säger jag nej,är det nej och jag 
ändrar mej inte.
Och vill jag göra någonting,så gör jag det :)
Min vilja är starkare än typ stålmannen !
♥ Fri. Jag gör i princip alltid som jag vill,bara för att
jag faktiskt kan. Det är ingen som kan bestämma över mej.
♥ Livsglad. Livet ä götteeeeeeee,fo' real.

Oh,yeah...såhär ser jag ut :)

Bonding moment del 2.

All right,istället för att köra en 30-dagars-grejs som alla andra gör så
gör jag en delar istället. :)

Here it is : 

 Part 1 - Sandra vem ? 
Part 2 - Familjen.
Part 3 - Mina bra/dåliga sidor.
Part 4 - Mina intressen.
Part 5 - Min favoritmusik.
Part 6 - Mina favoritböcker/filmer.
Part 7 - Saker som stör ihjäl mej.
Part 8 - Något jag äcklas av. 
Part  9 - 20 saker som jag gillar.
Part 10 - 20 saker som jag ogillar.
Part 11 - Mina fobier/rädslor. 
Part 12 - Framtiden,då ?

Bonding moment.

Your beliefs:
Jag tror inte på en gud som vill att du ska bygga kyrkor åt honom och skänka pengar dit.
Asså,aa fast ne. Jag tror på människan. Alla borde stanna upp ibland och tänka efter,att allt du vanligtvis
använder dagligen har människan skapat.
Självklara saker som vattenkranar,kylskåp,glödlampor,ugnar,toaletter osv. 
Alla borde inse hur kickass världen är.

Your highs and lows of this year:
Low : Vintern :CCCCC

Disrespecting your parents:

Jag har en tendens att bli sarkastiskt uppkäftig om jag är irriterad och trött...

How important you think education is:
Ganska viktig,om man ska ta sej någonstans.

One of your favorite shows:

Lost. Föralltid Lost. ♥

How have you changed the past two years:
Uhm,jag har nog blivit mycket starkare som person.
Nowadays bryr jag mej inte så mycket om vad andra tycker och går min egen väg.
Totally hardcore.

Give pictures of 5 guys who are famous that you find attractive

Your favorite movie and what it's about:

Mina favorit-filmer kommer alltid att vara disney-filmerna.
Pocahontas,Lejonkungen,Alladin,Ringaren i Notre Dame,
Aristocats,Micke och Molle,Nalle Puh osv.
Btw,tack Walt Disney för min barndom. :)))

What kind of person attracts you:
Men asså Jag får ta det typ kort i ord .
Here we go : kreativ,rolig,smart,glad,frihetslysten,
drömmare,psykiskt stark,ärlig.

A problem you have :
Jag släpper inte "in" vem som helst.
Jag har väldigt svårt att lita på människor,och har svårt att dela med mej av känslor
,vilket tillslut äter upp mej inifrån. Awesome shit.
Och,nej. Jag är inte känslokall,hah.
Jag är bara svår att komma åt...

Something that you miss:

Dom kommer hem nästa vecka :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Goals for the next 30 days:
Bara vara awesome ? 

What you are allergic of:
Musik: Jag är förevigt skadad av dålig B-techno tack vare Filip.
Kläder: Kläder som jag känner mej instängd i.
Åsikter: Rasism och fördomar.
Människor: Männsikor som är falska.
Mat: Nötter,literally.
Drycker: Euhm,svart kaffe är rätt nasty.

What you love:

Musik: Älskade Damien Rice ♥
Kläder: Mjukt och mysigt :D
Åsikter: Men asså,häst med päls ? Åååh,min seriöshet håller på att dö ut.
Människor: Min klass, fo' serious.
Mat: Grönsaker och frukt !
Drycker: Kolsyrat vatten eller trocadero.

6 thingies..

..du kanske inte visste om mej :

♥ Jag är sjukt envis. Och då menar jag s-j-u-k-t.
Har jag bestämt mej,så har jag bestämt mej.

♥ Jag ääälskar att äta is. Haha,efterblivet,jag vet.

♥ Lost & True Blood är mina absoluta favorit-serier !

♥ Jag älskar att sova. Det finns inget bättre !

♥ Jag har svårt att verkligen lita på människor.
Jag låter väldigt få människor "nära" mej.

♥ En maträtt om jag varken tål lukten av eller kan äta är korvstoganoff. 


Det är inte lätt att vara öh..annorlunda.

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